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YAG Laser (Posterior Capsulotomy)

After cataract surgery, some patients may experience a degree of blur, glare, or haziness in their vision. This is often caused by a condition known as posterior capsular opacity and it can occur soon after cataract surgery or years following the procedure. Dr. Michael Sumsion and Dr. Sean Sumsion perform a posterior capsulotomy using a YAG laser to correct your vision and reduce the blurry/haziness you may experience.

What is Posterior Capsular opacity?

The eye’s natural lens is held in a capsular bag within the eye. During cataract surgery, most patients have the natural lens replaced with an intraocular lens (IOL) to improve their distance vision and reduce reliance on corrective eyewear. Following lens replacement, the capsular bag sometimes produces cloudy cells that result in hazy or blurry vision. This is called posterior capsular opacity, and can be effectively treated with a brief laser treatment.

Posterior Capsulotomy

The posterior capsulotomy is a fairly quick outpatient procedure that uses a YAG laser to target energy onto the capsule surrounding the lens implant. The laser makes a very small internal incision that can allow light to pass more easily onto the back of the eye, reducing cloudiness or blurriness. The capsule itself is left largely intact, in order to successfully continue holding the intraocular lens in place.

What to Expect

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