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Is LASIK Permanent?

Most patients are familiar with the benefits of LASIK surgery, but many considering the procedure often ask how long the effects of the surgery will last. In short, vision correction with LASIK surgery is considered permanent. Though some patients may experience a gradual reduction in clarity over decades, a follow-up procedure called LASIK enhancement can be appropriate for fine-tuning their vision if needed. Generally speaking, most LASIK patients enjoy clearer vision and a significantly reduced dependence on prescription eyewear for a lifetime.

Any changes in LASIK results over time are typically minimal and the need for re-treatment is rare. According to one recent study, patients under the age of 40 experienced only minor regression in their vision, while patients over the age of 40 experienced hardly any regression at all. Even when patients experience these types of vision changes, many do not opt for LASIK enhancement and remain satisfied with their results. It is important to understand, however, that LASIK does not prevent the onset of age-related conditions, such as presbyopia (nearsightedness) or cataracts, which can have a significant impact vision quality should they develop.

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