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Combating Status Quo — Our War on Wait Times

Man-sitting-downPlato asked, “What is knowledge?”

Immanuel Kant asked, “What is happiness?”

Philosophers throughout time have asked, “What is truth?”

Patients ask, “How long is this going to take?”

For many of us, waiting and visiting doctors go hand in hand, like peanut butter and jelly. It is as if it has simply become status quo to cancel everything else for the afternoon when scheduling an appointment with your doctor. When Dr. Michael Sumsion opened Riverside EyeCare Professionals in 1997, he declared a war on wait times—and for 22 years, they haven’t had a chance.

Our Battle Plan

Your first appointment starts before you ever enter our doors. When you set your appointment, you will be told how long you should expect your exam to take. You will often receive any required paperwork in the mail to complete at home at your leisure, perhaps while enjoying your morning cup of coffee. This saves you 5 to 10 minutes sitting in our waiting room with a clipboard and pen (though if you forget, this backup plan works as well). Don’t sink too far into that waiting room seat of yours though, because shortly after sitting down, one of our 14 ophthalmic technicians will call out your name. Dr. Sumsion has intentionally assembled a large staff and invested in a multitude of diagnostic testing equipment so the process of information gathering can be started and completed for multiple patients simultaneously. This represents one of the biggest differences between Riverside EyeCare Professionals and other doctors’ offices. Patients have expressed how much our office resembles a beehive or a well-oiled machine. We rank these compliments as some of the highest to which we aspire.

Once you leave the waiting room, your technician will lead you through a series of tests, imaging machines, and ask you a variety of questions—all of which will be recorded for your provider. They may also begin the process of dilation or apply other eye drops that will prepare your eyes for observation by the doctor. This process allows our doctors to enter the exam room, discuss your vision questions and concerns, observe conditions and changes in your eyes, and review the previously gathered information. They will then explain their suggestions for care and discuss a plan for maintaining or improving your vision. Our doctors get the most out of the short time with you because every step in the process provides a well-rounded view of your vision. Every minute is maximized.

Once your exam is complete, our team of nine account representatives will be there to assist you with the coverage of your visit through insurance or Medicare.

And just like that, you are back to your life with a new plan of action for your vision. Come and see for yourself by scheduling an appointment today!